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June 10 through June 17, 2017.

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City Farm Austin

* All sales are final. No Refunds.  You may reschedule your class at any time. Payments can be made in advance through the above cart, by check or cash, to cityfarmaustin@gmail.com through your bank or PayPal, or via telephone through Square.

We feed organic alfalfa pellets, Chaffhaye, Fertrell Minerals mixed with VegaOne Natural and organic peanut butter, and hay cut from a naturally growing pasture (no pesticides or herbicides and Medina fertilizer). Some goats get Coyote Creek's organic goat feed (1 goat eats no grain for our grain free/ grass fed soap.  I worm with Molly's Herbals natural wormers. Occasionally the goats find a way to get into the chicken area and get a small amount of Coyote Creek's organic chicken feed ;(  Gotta love 'em.

WE do the milking - Cost per month for 1/4 Share
YOU do the milking - Cost per month for 1/4 Share
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Step 2: Maintenance Fee

Now that you have purchased a Milk Goat Herd Share you are the proud owner of a portion of a dairy goat herd. Contract with me to take care of your herd share for you. (512-655-9039)

MILKING AND CHORES: $10/mo per quarter share for the first month. You milk once a week at your set milking time. You can milk by hand or with a hand vacuum pump milking machine. You keep your share of the milk. You also take care of the daily chores. After the first month your rate will increase to $25/mo per quarter share during training and will then be reduced to $19 per month per quarter share to help cover actual operating costs.

Plan to spend 2 hours each week for milking and chores. After the learning phase (2-3 months) you may be able to finish in under 2 hours each week.

This is a fabulous opportunity to learn what it takes to produce milk and eggs by being a farmer once a week. You can learn as much or as little about goat husbandry as you want.

PICKUP ONLY: $65/month per quarter share. You pay for someone to milk and take care of all of the animal chores for you. You come weekly at your prearranged time to pick up your milk (you'll receive your share percentage from your assigned milking session).

How it works

Step 1: Milk Goat Herd Share

You purchase a portion (share(s)) of the dairy goat herd. You will literally own a portion of the herd.

One quarter share entitles you to one-quart (or 1/4th of the production from all goats in milk (whichever is greater) per milking each week.

After purchasing your herd share, purchase a monthly maintenance plan and a milking kit (optional).  Then call 512-655-9039 to schedule an initial shareholder milking/ training time to begin your city farm experience. At this first meeting we will sign a bill of sale and a maintenance agreement.

Should you decide to opt out, I will buy your share back from you at any time for the full price you paid for it.  Maintenance fees are not refundable.

A quarter share produces 1 (+/-) quart per week.

We milk

1/4 Share: $10 per quarter share one-time purchase PLUS monthly maintenance fees of $65 per month. You pay me to take care of your milking and chores. You pick up what your share produces at a time we agree on.

​​You milk

1/4 Share:  $10 per quarter share one-time purchase PLUS monthly maintenance fees starting at $10 per quarter share.  You milk and do farm chores on your designated day and time. For the first 2 - 3 months, it will take you 2 hours a week. Thanks for the help!