Want to go in on bulk organic feed orders?  Do you have a source you order from but would like to go in on a group order?

I am currently picking up from Coyote Creek.  The total group order is a 500 lbs minimum wholesale order for any combination of feeds.  To order chicken feed, goat feed or a specialty mix the group order must be at least  250 lbs of each mix.  I currently pickup organic alfalfa pellets and Fertrell minerals (75lbs) and non-soy goat and chicken feeds.   

I am open to ordering from different companies as well.  I would really like to get a group of people to be able to order from New Country Organics.  They have a 45 bag minimum for any combination of items.  They are about the same price as Coyote Creek.

Contact me with your interest and I'll send you the link to enter your order information on the Google spreadsheet. Orders would be picked up at the farm on the scheduled afternoon and scooped/poured and weighed from the large tote into your container. *

Milk Kefir grains, Water Kefir grains, and Kombucha Scobys were meant to be shared.  That's why I call them community foods. If I have extras, I'm willing to share for the cost of the ice packs $0.92 and Priority Mail shipping (6.80=$7.72). If you are in Austin, you can set a time to pick them up. Contact me to see if I have any extras available.  512-655-9039. *

Never heard of these health improving probiotic and enzymatic drinks? Check out these sites and begin your health experiment with fermented drinks.

Dom's Kefir link. 

18 Healthy Reasons to Sip Kombucha

CFA Milk Kefir Doc

CFA Water Kefir Doc:

Noma's Kefir Class and History Doc:

Bulk Organic Feed

$50 Stud Service

Nigerian Dwarf Buck 

LaMancha Buck

For sale

* All sales are final. No Refunds.  You may reschedule your class at any time. Payments can be made in advance through the above cart, by check or cash, to cityfarmaustin@gmail.com through your bank or PayPal, or via telephone through Square.

​Chicken Eggs

One dozen colorful chicken eggs.  $6.50 per dozen.

Farm fresh eggs are the best. Shareholders get priority on eggs. 

Our chickens are fed Coyote Creek or Texas Naturals non-soy and non-GMO layer feed and scratch. They are supplemented with Chaffhaye, a fermented alfalfa,  when they are not free ranging. The hens are allowed to free range most of the time.  

Bring your own container to transport your eggs home. I wash eggs in hot soapy bleach water.  You can request that I not wash your eggs.

If you want to gather your own eggs, let me know and I'll plant them in the laying boxes for you.  Be sure to wash your eggs in hot soapy water if you choose this option.​​

 We Moved!

More grass and rotating pastures for the goats.

Less cleanup work for the humans. 

Moving to a no grain, grass-fed program.

We're now about 30 minutes from both south and north Austin.


City Farm Austin

Community Foods

Both Duke's Dam and his Sire's Dam produce 1 gallon per day.  Duke's Pedigree.

Boots is in rut.  He was born February 8, 2018.  His mother produces 2 gallons per day.  Boots' Pedigree.