We Moved!

More grass and rotating pastures for the goats.

Less cleanup work for the humans. 

Moving to a no grain, grass-fed program.

We're now about 30 minutes from both south and north Austin.


City Farm Austin

Farm Tour

In-Person Class or over the internet using Skype or Facetime. Learn to make 4 types of cheeses and assemble a cheese press (if purchased). Add a milking class for a farm-to-table experience.

For example:

Mom signs up for class - $75

Mom's grown son is going to split that batch of soap - $45

Mom's friend is going to make her own batch - $65

Total cost for group - $185

* All sales are final. No Refunds.  You may reschedule a class at any time. Payments can be made in advance through the above cart, by check or cash, to cityfarmaustin@gmail.com through your bank or PayPal, or via telephone through Square.

$25 for 1 - 10 people

$10 for additional 10 people

Group prices


Come for a visit and see what small scale city farming is all about. Feed and hold the chickens, feed and brush the goats, learn about or try your hand at farm chores, and if you come during milking time (7am or 7pm), experience a milking demonstration.  Who knows, you might get hooked!

$25 covers a group of 1-10 participants.  $10 for each additional 10 participants.  Add a Milking Class for even more fun.

Be sure to wear close-toed shoes. Long pants and shirts are more comfortable to protect against biting flies and mosquitoes.

Call 512-655-9039 to schedule your experience. *

If you choose you may also provide 1-3 T of dried spices/herbs  or 3-6 T of fresh herbs to flavor your soft and hard cheese.  If desired, I can provide some of what I have on hand.

Cart Tips:  Add each item to cart then use the PayPal tab that opened in your browser to adjust quantities.

Join a class that has already been scheduled.

Cheese Making /
​Milk Products Class


In-Person Class or over the internet using Skype or Facetime.

Come get an overview and hands on experience taking care of goats. We will cover preparation before purchasing goats, housing, basic anatomy, routine care and feeding, care during injury and illness and a milking demonstration.

This is a 4 hour hands on class.  It is held outside with the goats and in the covered milking parlor.  Feel free to bring drinks and snacks. Water bottles will be provided.

1st Person $100, 2nd Person $75, Each Additional Person $50 *

Goat Husbandry

If you purchase a Hard Cheese Press ($45) you will assemble a cheese press during class and take your press and a small hard cheese mold home. If you don't purchase the class with a press we will talk about alternate ways to press hard cheese. If you purchase a Hard Cheese Mold ($25) you will receive a hard plastic mold with a follower to press your cheese in. If you supply your own milk, you will receive a $10 refund through Paypal.

This is a hands on class so class size is limited to 6 people per class. Children 10 and over may participate if accompanied by a parent or guardian. *

Optional Supplies and Equipment
Tuition (per person)
Milking Class

I learned from Lynne of New Moon soaps. She taught me some of her family soap making heritage which she learned from her grandmother and great-grandmother.  Take home the curing product to keep for yourself or give your finished bars as a gift. All materials will be provided.

1st Person $75, Additional participants sharing a batch $45, 2nd Student $65, 3rd+ $55.

After learning the basics you can schedule a Just-for-Fun class any time to make gifts or more soaps for yourself and specify the techniques, scents and colors you would like to use. Be sure to order any special technique materials, scents or colors when purchasing your class. Contact us if you have any questions about what you need to order.

You will be required to wear long sleeves, long pants and close-toed shoes. I will provide gloves and goggles that each participant must wear. Wear clothes that can be damaged if an accident happens.  I will also provide a plastic bag and ice bottles for you to transport your soap. Children ages 10 and over must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

We're looking forward to working with you! Call to schedule your class date and time at 512-655-9039. *

Milking Class

1st Person $100.00, Additional Participants sharing batch, $55,   $10 discount if Student provides 4-5 quarts of raw or non-homogenized milk. Second student with a batch is $75, and 3rd and subsequent students with a batch are $65.

In-Person Class or over the internet using Skype or Facetime. Learn to make your own homemade soaps.  This is a hands-on class.  All ingredients are organically and sustainably raised and ethically sourced.

In-Person Class or over the Internet help with your own goats using Skype or Facetime.

Try your hand at milking our Mini-LaMancha goats.  Seeing the fruits of your labor is exciting.  If combined with a Farm Tour or Basic Cheese Making Class, your Milking Class is half price. When bringing children under 12, one adult is free.

Call 512-655-9039 to schedule a private or group opportunity.  

Goats are such delightful animals! *



Soap Making Class