L-4 Buckling​​

S-? Buckling.  Blue eyes? Polled.

$100 Soaking Wet Buckling Sale.  $300 and 2 months.  

Starlet is my smallest miniature.  This is her second kidding.  Last year she produced a quart of milk twice a day.  Her babies weighed between 4 and 5? pounds.

S-2 Buckling


S-? Buckling.  I can't find the picture of him.  He is this color without the white head.  He does have a white tip on his tail.  Blue eyes? Polled.  This buckling was born with a bubble behind his penis.  The bubble has popped. We'll see if it heals up properly.  Because of the birth defect, he is not registerable and can only be sold as a wether.

$50 Soaking Wet Buckling Sale.  $100 at 2 months.  

Harold is the sire for all of our kids this year.  He is a 3rd Generation Mini Lamancha.  He is polled and has blue eyes.  He passed both of those traits on to most of his kids.  Both his mother and grandmother produced 6 cups of milk once a day. Pictures of Harold's mother and Father are on Harold's personal page.  The link to his pedigree is at the bottom of that page.

Lady Esther is as First Generation Mini LaMancha.  Her mother was a small sized LaMancha and her father was a Mini LaMancha.  She is an excellent milker for a Mini Mancha.  She produced 6 cups of milk twice a day.  She has a very long lactation.

Sire and Dams are registered with the MDGA. All Does are CAE negative and were fed organically throughout their pregnancy.  All babies have been nursed by their mothers and fed a bottle twice a day since they were about 12 hours old.  I don't like coming up with kid names so Shareholders and regular volunteers name them as time goes on.  I'll add names as they are acquired (unless you buy them first).

L-3 Buckling, Bue eye centers with white outer ring.  Polled.

$100 Soaking Wet Buckling Sale.  $300 at 2 Mos.  

S-3 Buckling


S-4 Doeling​​

L-1 Doeling



LE-2 Buckling


L-4 Buckling, Bue eye centers with white outer ring?.  Polled.

$100 Soaking Wet Buckling Sale.  $300 at 2 Mos.  

LE-1 Buckling





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2017 KIDS

S-? Doeling.  Eyes have blue centers? and brown outer ring.  Polled.

$450 at 3 months (May 17th).  


Lady Esther



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City Farm Austin

LE-3 Buckling, Blueish Eyes, polled.

I expect him to be on the larger side of the miniature spectrum.  He weighed about 7 pounds when he was born.

$100 Soaking Wet Buckling Sale.  $300 at 2 Mos.  

This is Luna's first kidding so her milk production is a mystery.  She seems to produce enough milk for all four of her babies because when we bottle feed they don't often suck hard for very long.  I would estimate Luna to be a medium sized miniature.  However, her babies were the smalles of the group with you smallest weiging in at 2.5 pounds.  Her teats are the longest of all three of my miniatures (but still a 2 fingered milk).



L-3 Buckling​​

S-1 Doeling.  Blue eyes.  Polled.

I am keeping one doeling.  If I decide to sell her, she will go for $450 and 3 months (May 17th).  

S-1 Doeling​​

L-2 Buckling, Brown Eyes with a blueish center?, polled.

This is the itty bitty boy with a lot of personality.  My grandkids named him baby Harold when he ws born.

$100 Soaking Wet Buckling Sale.  $250 at 2 Mos.  

LE-3 Buckling

L-1 Doeling.  Blue eyes, polled.  I plan to keep this doeling.  If I change my mind, I''ll update this section.


LE-2 Buckling, Blueish Eyes, He is not polled and I forgot to get him disbudded.

I expect him to be on the larger side of the miniature spectrum.  He weighed about 7 pounds when he was born.

$100 Soaking Wet Buckling Sale.  $300 at 2 Mos.  

L-2 Buckling​​

Baby Harold

LE-1 Buckling, Blue Eyes, Naturally Polled.  Not registerable because his ears are too long.

I expect him to be on the larger side of the miniature spectrum.  He weighed about 7 pounds when he was born.

$50 Soaking Wet Buckling Sale.  $150 at 2 Mos.