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The Herd Share program is stilll in operation.  All other events have been canceled until further notice.  If you purchased or scheduled something prior to February 1, 2018, your purchase will be honored.


  • ​Herd Shares

Click the Green Gate Farms link above to sign up for the current or next season.  Choose Week B at the Habitat for Humanity site on Ben White and call or text (512-655-9039) to let me know you'd like me to pick up your share and bring it to the our micro farm in South Austin for a pickup after 5pm.    Eat local! Don't miss out.

Monday through Saturday

     By Appointment only.  

Sunday Closed

7210 Lunar Drive
Austin, TX 78745

2018 Baby Goats should be here sometime in the Fall.

See 2017 Baby goat videos on

You Tube.

​​For Sale

We are a pickup location for

Green Gate Farms



Our Location

 Welcome, Deb!

She is our new high producing LaMancha.  We have a gallon per milking now!

We have a few new spots for the milk for you option.